Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cherwell Valley Services

Yesterday we caught the 12:30 ferry from Cowes to Southampton. We saw the QE2 before it sailed.The traffic was so busy (roadworks along the sea front) that it took an hour to get out of Southampton! The buildings amaze me especially this modern one.Then right opposite is part of the ancient wall ~ cool. It was fine then all the way up to the Cherwell Valley Service Station in Oxfordshire ...... where we met up with Teresa, Nik, Max & Elena. It was so good to see them and Elena had a tonne of kisses & cuddles for us :O) Max was just a little darling amusing himself with 2 wooded drinks stirrers pretending to play the drums. We spent an hour in Costa Coffee and then said our goodbyes (always the hardest part) and headed home. (Elena having one last cuddle with Teresa).We caught the 7:oopm ferry home. The radio station kept telling us how the sun was going to shine in the afternoon but we didn't see any of it. Just another grey & miserable day. We took Elena to Pizza Hut as planned & used the 50% off voucher so all was well ...... except for the stone that hit the windscreen just outside Newberry and according to Autoglass today it can't be repaired. We have to have a new windscreen, another flippin £75! Took Elena back to the doctors today because her arm has got progressively worse and she has impetigo!! So a course of antibiotics & some cream was the order of the day, at least she doesn't have to have it amputated lol. Good news though [insert very huge grin] my vouchers came through today from Tesco Clubcard so they have been sent off to Cosmos to pay for the Maldives. I am just relying on Royal Mail to deliver them now safe & sound.

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SuzyB said...

Oh my goodness woman, how long did it take you to accumulate that lot? Well done!! Here's me thinking Im rich because Ive managed £25 worth of vouchers LMAO

Looks like Elena had a fab time xx