Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Todays word over at HSMSHS is Dip. Teresa suggested that I take a photo of me dipping the dip stick in the oil of my Serena, but as it's raining here I don't want to get wet. I'm such a wuss!

So the first photo I want to show you is this... It's Elena's iPod with my best headphones attached. Now what, you may ask, has that got to do with dip. Well, this morning I took all the wet washing out of the washing machine, the load I had put in last night & checked thoroughly for socks that were inside out etc. and that's when I discovered the iPod!! It had been for a dip in the washing machine... *^&%!!@&*% kids!!! Nevermind, if it dries out thoroughly before I switch it on it may still work.

I have found some more photos that would do very nicely for dip. These are a few from our holiday in Jamaica in May. It seems a life time since we went, but it's only 5 months ago. Time's a funny thing isn't it.

Had a parcel through the post this morning from James. His Mum lives opposite & for about 2 years before he went to live on the mainland he spent most afternoons with us. We only see him occasionally now when he's back on the Island for a visit so it was lovely to read his letter :O) He knows both Andrew & I love James Bond (well I love Pierce Brosnan & Andrew loves James Bond lol) so he had included this little book. How lovely is that. He says, "Looking forward to Quantum of Solace of course, althougth not quite accepted Daniel Craig yet". You and me alike James :O)

Phoned Lisa this morning to see if she's OK. Had a lovely chat :O) She's suffering at the moment with sore thighs due to some new exercises she's been doing at the Gym ~ poor thing. She's had a lovely weekend though with Liam & her friends. They had a walk around Richmond Park and saw loads of Deer. Not something you would expect in the middle of London is it :O)Just had a lovely e-mail from Lisa look what she wrote :O) These are the pictures I was telling you about. Love you to the moon and back. It was lovely speaking to you. See you very very soon xxxx Oooo I love her sooo much I could eat her lol.


Anonymous said...

Your "dip" photos are great. Does the iPod still work? Ouch!

Enigma said...

Your first shot is a GREAT interpretation of the "dip" theme. Nicely done!!!

Cheyne said...

iPod's and water. Grrrr!!
Great dips.

Teresa said...

I love your photos of 'dip' especially the one where Elena has bubbles coming out of her nose!! PMSL. Lisa looks lovely on her photos and the stag is fabulous. We are both doing well with wildlife this week aren't we?
love ya, Teresa xXx