Monday, October 13, 2008

Vanda's got a Fella!!

Well I got up this morning and Andrew said look, the postman's bought you a package :O)

(I had a sneaky feeling I may get a parcel today because my bestest friend in the whole Universe told me last night, when we were talking on the phone, that she'd sent one.)

So I'm there trying to eat my breakfast & open the package at the same time (note to self: when you have to be at work at 9am, get up earlier!) When I got into it I couldn't help but smile. Teresa had only gone & sent me 'Gingerbread Vanda'. Then, as I lifted it carefully out of the box, I could see something else behind it. Well I nearly wet myself laughing. A gingerbread man had tucked himself behind Gingerbread Vanda and he had a very big smile on his face, I can tell you lol. So Gingerbread Vanda has got a Fella!! Looky here PMSL!! Teresa you are awful but I do like you (said in a cheeky Dick Emery voice hehe). Over at HSMSHS (Teresa click here) today's word is Autumnal. These are my before & after photos of Elena's pumpkin which I thought would be OK for today's word. This photo Elena took of the Boston Ivy over the weekend which is also very apt. Off to Tesco when Elena gets home to use my penultimate pile of baby points before they expire at the weekend :O)


Elena said...

Thank you for the comment mum. It sounds like u have had a funny day! Love you

Aubrey Harns said...

Great autumn shots Vanda! It's so good to see you on here again. Your cookies were too FUNNY!

maz said...

LOL at the manly gingerbread!

sam said...

wonderful parcel to get : )
love your pictures too

SuzyB said...

Sod the autumnal photos, bring on the gingerbread LMAO!

Sarah said...

LOL at the Gingerbread Man! Great Autumn shots, that ivy is beautiful :)

Teresa said...

Oooh love the pumpkin shots!!
My Gingerbread man is now famous PMSL (it got you a few comments on here) LOL i do hope he behaved himself in the box while in the Royal Mail system, and especially as he and the Vandabread were both naked and 'alone' I wonder if there might be lil gingerbread babies on the way ROFLMAO.

Elena your lips look scrummy LOL! Wear this new lipstick at school and your sure to get a kiss off a cutie boy! ;O)
Love you xxxxx

Igotmebabe said...

Great pumpkin shots and the gingerbread man is very nice :)

Chris T said...

lol at gingerbread man. Nice autumn shots,love the pumpkin