Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Dairyman's Daughter

Ooo err misses. Andrew asked me out tonight!! :O) :O) :O)

This is going to be a short blog as it's late. Andrew's been superman again today. Emulsioned our bedroom & glossed the door. Touched up Lisa's ceiling where he's fitted the new light. Planted the bulbs we bought in the front garden & came shopping with me this morning. I can't tell you how much I love that man, the words just don't exist.

Elena's been to drama this morning and gone back with Gemma this afternoon to her flat. It's Elena's first sleepover & isn't it fantastic to have an older sister that loves you so much that she's prepared to look after you like that ~ thanks Gem xXx I am a very lucky Mum to have such fabulous daughters aren't I.

So tonight, Andrew came downstairs and said, 'do you fancy going out?' Of course I jumped at the chance (when you've been married as long as us you have too lol) so we went to the Dairyman's daughter in Arreton for a bite to eat & a drink. We discussed all the things we'd love to do to the house & the things we'd buy if money was no object. We made a decision (a hard one) & decided that the outside Christmas lights were not going up this year. Not because we were being Bah Humbug, it just boiled down to the amount of work & time it takes (and Andrew's earned a rest) and the cost of the electricity. Then we both agreed that we have to get our priorities in order & holidays have to come first. It's so lovely when you think the same way.

So I missed Strictly Come Dancing & the X-Factor and do I care, no way, going out with Andrew tops the list every time. I did manage to watch I'm a Celebrity though & it was a good one :O)

Just pinched these from Lisa's facebook. The theme of their bop last night was Beauty & the Geek ROFL. So may I present, Lisa, Liam & Katy ...

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Teresa said...

Oh how lucky are you being asked out! You have got one of the best there ya know :O)

I can't believe how much he does, all the jobs he's go on! I could do with an injestion of energy (where's he getting all his from?)

Isn't Gemma lovely? All your daughters are lovely and a hugh credit to you both. Its lovely that Gemma has had Elena to stay. Its brill when siblings get on, isn't it?

LOL@you and the Christmas lights. I bet it costs a packet to light it all up though. Hope your still putting the inside stuff up though cos you gotta have a tree :O)

I love the photos of Lisa and Liam. That girl sure likes to dress up but, flippin eck she always looks fab (even as a geek)

Love you tonnes
Tree xxx XXX xxx