Monday, November 24, 2008

A Set of Bagpipes

I swear there were ice crystals in my blood this morning :O) Got to work at 9am and the office was freezing. I call it an office, it's a tin box really (or caravan) with a bit of tarting up on the outside to give the impression that it's our holiday park reception. The problem with tin boxes is that in the winter it's freezing & in the summer it's like an oven. Now I don't mind baking when the sun's out but this weather is only for the hardy Northern folk. Of course I used to be one but we have become soft living down in the South :O) Oh well.

Not a lot else to report today on the home front.

HSMSHS said 'Scottish' when I checked the word of the day this morning. I've never been anywhere near Scotland let alone across the border lol. So I asked my trusty Elena who always comes up with something. 'A cow' she said, 'take a photo of a cow'. Feeling very confused & wondering if she had understood what I'd said, I asked her why. 'Well' she said, 'according to Jimmy Clitheroe, all cows have their own set of bagpipes!' You just have to love her for that sense of humour don't you lol. So here it is, just for Elena, a set of bagpipes borrowed from the Internet. Here's my own feeble attempt of a Scottish thistle (Andrew assures me it's a thistle but I'm not convinced).

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Teresa said...

Do you know what? Im flipping freezing too! I can't get warm at all. I definately wouldn't like to work in a caravan, poor you!

I love Elena's take on bagpipes. I'll have to get some Jimmy Clitheroe, it sounds like my kind of humour.

Love you all millions and squillions
Teresa xxx XXX xxx