Thursday, February 05, 2009

Andrew's Wii Fit

What do you do when there's no sage left in the cupboard to sprinkle on top of your pork chops? I don't mean the payroll sage, I mean the herb kind :O) Well, you spread honey & Dijon mustard on top of them of course and OMG they tasted delicious. Think of sticky sauce you get on spare ribs. That's what Andrew cooked for us last night with loads of vegetables - mmmmmm! Even after stuffing myself silly with that last night the Wii said I'd lost another 2lbs this afternoon??? It was supposed to be 3lbs every 2 weeks not 2lbs every day. Maybe I shouldn't complain, at least I'll have a body that looks OK in a bikini even if everything is going south lol.

After flatly refusing we finally got Andrew on the Wii fit yesterday. He's a little overweight but not much, don't really know what all the fuss was about *tut* No.22 of 365 ...Photo courtesy of Elena :o)

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