Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's Snow Joke Feeling Poorly

Look what was in the garden last night enjoying all the rain water :O)The plan today was to bite the bullet & go shopping. I hate shopping! I don't mind food shopping because I know what I want, I go to the shop armed with a list, run round the shop, buy it & come home, sorted. It's the other kind of shopping I'm not keen on, aimlessly walking round the shops, not knowing what to buy, ending up with a headache & then coming home after wasting hours of valuable time. Maybe it's the lack of choice on the Island or maybe it's just me being so indecisive, I don't know. What I do know is I NEED to go shopping to buy friends & family birthday presents but today I couldn't because Elena was really poorly. Poor thing has got Gastric Enteritis. She started with it on Saturday and soldiered on until last night when she was so poorly she asked if she could stay at home instead of going to school. (Something I've been telling her to do for a couple of days). After phoning NHS direct to see if there was anything I could do to make her feel better, they suggested a trip to the doctors. Hence the diagnosis! Luckily Andrew's got the next two days off work to demolish the rest of the kitchen so at least she has someone at home with her.

I did pop out this morning to post Alistair's 21st birthday card (can't believe he will be 21 on Sunday!) I called in to pick up my new hard drive while I was in Sandown. Thank goodness they managed to save all my stuff. I'm going to back it up onto discs, not tonight though. Instead I have been hunting for old photos of snow for Lisa. I've scanned them and sent her them via e-mail. Which wasn't easy Lisa ... look, lol.As I have them in digital format I thought I may as well pop them on here :O)

Gemma (with Zara her doll) & Lisa in the back garden Yours truly & Gemma in 1988 at Chapel Mum, Me & Jon at Chapel approx 1970/71Andrew, Debra, Claire & Andrew's Dad Bill at Whitehough
approx 1968/69
Whitehough at the same time

While I was hunting through the pictures I found this. Many moons ago (OK nearly 9 years ago) I drove up to Nottinghamshire, on my own, to spend a few days with Teresa. Andrew stayed at home to look after the girls while Teresa & I had the time of our lives hunting for ancestors. After we'd spent a day at the record office, we sat at Teresa's computer typing everything up. Teresa pulled the date off her calendar and wrote on the back :O) Betty & Al are from the Paul Simon record 'You Can Call Me Al'. It made me smile, I didn't realise I still had it. Love ya Tree!

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Teresa said...


I had totally forgotten about that calendar tear off!!! it seems like yesterday now that you've reminded me but flippin eck! It was 2000!!!

What fun we had those few days you stayed over. Especially the graveyard searches LOL

I'm so sorry to hear Elena is poorly, send her lots of love and big sloppy kisses from all of us *mwuah*

I love all your old snow photos (can't believe your out in the snow though, cos i thought you were a neshy!!)Sorry to say but when the older photos were taken i wasn't even born :OP he he he he

Love you all to the moon and back

Teresa xxxxxxxxxxxxxx