Saturday, May 02, 2009

Under Pressure

We decided we had to go to Tesco this morning to buy some food. So we dropped Elena off at drama and set off. Andrew & I were moaning about having to do boring things like shopping and wishing we were still on holiday etc. etc. when, at Brading traffic lights, Andrew asked me if I had my purse? I hadn't bothered to pick it up as I thought he had his wallet. We both cursed then laughed at what a pair of bananas we were. I'm not kidding you., this holiday has seriously affected us. We are so laid back a snail could beat us to the end of the garden. How do you wind yourself back up to fit in to the British rat race? So we gave up on the weekly shopping at Tesco & went to Morrison's instead for the things we need today. We had to pick Elena back up at midday anyway.

Elena's friend Grace came home with us and had lunch. What a lovely girl she is, just like Elena. Said thank you after everything we gave her and even said thank you for having her when we dropped the pair of them off at the Apollo theatre in Newport at 3 o'clock. They're performing Alice in Wonderland tonight so they are having their tea there too. On the way home we called into Matalan, my favourite shop, and bought Andrew a new suit and 3 extra pairs of trousers for work. He is such a man when it comes to buying clothes. He tried his upmost to get out of going to get them but I convinced him that today was the day to buy them lol.

At home, Andrew & I have been outside in the sunshine. We cleared the top bit of the garden near the Wendy House as it was such a mess up there with old planters, a rather dirty trampoline (it's been out all winter), leaves everywhere & so much moss on the floor anyone would think we'd carpeted the concrete. When everything had been moved, I pressure washed it all and what a difference it's made. Can't say the same about my jeans though lol. Andrew carried on with the pressure hose down the path and out onto the front garden. We've run out of time now unfortunately and because I'm working the rest of the bank Holiday, Andrew will have to carry on with it by himself. We've acheived a lot so that's something to be pleased about.

We're going out with Gemma & Matt now to the Ponderosa for tea and then we're watching Elena in her show. How good is that :O)

I'm going to phone Lisa later to see how she went on watching McFly in concert :O)

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