Saturday, June 06, 2009

Elena MacArthur?

We've started demolishing the bathroom today. First we tried to chisel the dado rail & tiles off the wall. The white tiles had been glued on over the top of some green chicken tiles. I spent ages trying to get the first layer of tiles off with my hammer & screw driver. I was pretty pleased with the progress until I turned round and realised Andrew had finished a whole wall including stripping off the crappy plaster. We managed to get the bath out. Then the sink & loo. Even managed to strip some wallpaper off before I had to go to work. The best thing of all happened when we were carrying the debris up the garden path ready for the tip. Andrew spotted a little red squirrel in the Corkscrew Hazel tree in the corner of the garden :O) How cool is that. The camera was upstairs worst luck so I have no photo :O(

On the bright side, Gemma & Matt took Elena sailing this morning. These photos are from last week when she had her trial sailing lesson. Today she had a lesson in a smaller boat called a Topper. Then she tried her hand at surfing. We'll have to call her Elena MacArthur from now on won't we lol. Can you see the resemblance?


Kerrie said...

Oh my god your poor bathroom. Although I am sure it will turn out lovely in the end.

Teresa said...

Oh dear! I almost didn't recognise your bathroom! Your house is looking more like my house now! LOL
You've proper gutted it haven't you?

Wow at the red squirrel in your garden! Try and get a photo if it comes back for your blog. Its typical not to have a camera at hand when theres a perfect photo opportunity, isn't it?

Well done! to Elena. Tell her next time she visits she'll have to come in Matts catamaran LOL We'll pick her up from Skeggy!

lots of love Tree xxxxxxxx

Teresa said...

OMG! Nik's just had to have his two pennorth worth.

He said.....

We'll still have one up on 'them' as our bathroom will have no roof on soon!

(our version of a Maldives bathroom) He just hates being out done, doesn't he?