Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Hugh

I'm definitely a warm blooded gal. I know I'm always telling people I am but really ... I am.

When Claire stayed with us at Whit we moved the dining table into the conservatory to give more space in the dining room. So if the kids wanted to play they would have plenty of room. Luckily the weather was so gorgeous, playing inside wasn't an option. We've since put the table back in the dining room and bought the settee into the conservatory. It was Andrew's idea and although he doesn't like I love it. The view of the garden is great even if it rains. The best bit for me is the temperature. At this moment in time, the themometer is showing 28 degrees.

'Well tie me to a skewer & call me a spit roast' ... think Hugh Laurie ~ Blackadder.

Talking of the great man himself, Kerrie cut him out of a magazine for me (thank you Kerrie) so I can keep him under the bed ;O) Kerrie has David Bowie under hers!

It's Hugh's birthday today, the big 5 0 so happy birthday Mr Laurie X See what he does to me, I was going to tell you about the plans for the dining room but I just got carried away.

So back to the dining room/conservatory and the plan so far ...

a) Put a proper roof on the conservatory with a couple of velux windows in it to keep the light.
b) To knock out the door & windows leading from the dining room to make it open plan.
c) To plaster the conservatory walls so they're flat.
d) To insert a flat screen TV into the chimney breast (after removing the hidious gas fire of course).
e) To carpet the whole thing and have 2 settees facing each other in the dining room part & the dining table in the conservatory part.

I've got as far as stripping the bathroom wall paper off lol.

Just a last note for today, put the flags out, I've finally gotten around to buying Lady Gaga's Poker Face off iTunes. That & Red by Daniel Merriweather, better late than never ;O)

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Kerrie said...

Oh my god Hugh actually looks quite shaggable on that photo. Or maybe desperation has set in once more?