Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jobs & Different Angles

I'm still reading the photography course like mad. The problem is I don't think my brain's keeping up with me lol. I have to read everything a couple of times just to make sure it's sunk in. I'm a little bit gutted (well actually a lot) that I have no aperture settings on my point & click Fuji although I suspect they are there ... incognito. I need someone with the same camera who knows what they're doing, to show me the ropes as it were, but I doubt that will happen.

I've always hankered over a proper 'grown up camera', but Andrew keeps telling me what a pain in the rear end DSLR's are. How they are a nuisance to drag round with you and how it could well take the fun out of taking photographs. He's convinced half of me but I'd still love to have a go. One day maybe.

In the mean time my quest continues. The next lesson at is to take photos from different angles which, I've done in the past, but have tried again today in the name of art lol.

From above ... From below ... And just because I wanted to :O) I'm really proud of Gemma since she's got her new job (not that I wasn't proud of her before). Her commitment & enthusiasm makes my heart sing. Lisa's following in her footsteps and has managed to secure herself a job for the summer in a coffee shop in Sandown. It took her 2 days to find one, how cool is that. The people who own it originate from Mansfield and to quote Lisa "they sound just like Teresa" :O)

Gemma made me giggle yesterday when she told me this ... Statistics show that birthdays are good for you. The more you have the longer you live. lol.

This made me laugh this morning too. We had to return a school trip form on behalf of Elena, just look at the signature lol. Surely his parents knew what they were doing when they named him, didn't they?


Kerrie said...

I am loving those new angles.

Teresa said...

Glad your having fun with your photography. I'm loving your photos! Although i did have to ask what a 'DSLR' & 'aperture' was LOL

He said....'You know that camera you saw on tv last night that you said you want? Well, its one of them!' and then he went on the explain what the abbreviation and aperture means. Turns out he did photography at school and his dad is a keen photographer!

Well done!! to Gemma and Lisa on their jobs (and fab exam results!!)

PMSL @ Lisa saying the owners of the coffee shop sound like me! At least she should be able to understand them after all the practice shes had with me LOl ;OP

Lots of love

Tree xxxxxxxxxxx