Sunday, June 14, 2009

Plant Pots, Plastering & Playing In The Sea

Andrew ran out of plaster last night and had to go to B&Q this morning to get some more. This in itself wasn't a problem until you know that it's Isle of Wight festival this weekend and anyone with an ounce of common sense wouldn't touch Newport with a bargepole except in a dire emergency. Having no plaster was obviously in that category lol. Luckily the traffic wasn't too bad and he made it home again in one piece armed with a present for me :O) How thoughtful was that ... a big box of weed & feed for the lawn ... I'm easily pleased.

I trimmed all the herbs yesterday so the pots are looking fabulous and all the flowers that Andrew planted are are looking really beautiful. I adore the garden. I was sat under the gazebo eating banana sandwiches with Andrew at lunch time and decided that all we're missing is some art. I suggested one of these sat on the bench at the bottom of the garden lol. See I'm not really grown up :O)Andrew thought it was a great idea ROFL.

Gemma & Matt have been entertaining Elena all weekend. So much so that it's the most fun she's had in ages. Matt's been teaching her to sail the catamaran. She was trapezing today too. She drove the speedboat ...and had an absolute whale of a time. Liam joined them too while Lisa was at work. Photos courtesy of Gemma, thanks Gem xXx


Kerrie said...

Are the pot people based on you and Andrew?
don't worry about getting weed and feed as a present sometimes I get cillit bang!

Kerrie said...

Play tag with me?