Sunday, July 26, 2009

Say Cheese

After two days walking around London we decided we hadn't enough energy for three lol. So Friday morning Lisa took us into Kingston upon Thames to have a look around the shops. One of my favourite was this one selling cheese No, it's not cheese lol, it's soap! What a cool shop, we don't see anything like this on the Island. We visited the food market and could have had our fill with all the samples we were given, from German sausage to jellied strawberries. The fruit tasted so good we bought some for the journey home.

Kingston isn't a huge place but it did have some interesting buildings from this to the shopping Mall which was huge (again by Island standards). On the way to lunch Liam had a bit of an accident ROFL. I love art that makes you laugh, I wish there was more of it. Lunch was another first for me & Andrew. An 'all you can eat' Chinese for £5.90 each. There was absolutely loads to choose from, from seaweed to crispy duck & pancakes & it was delicious.

We had a blast in London & Kingston & can't wait to go back ~ thanks Lisa & Liam :O)

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Teresa said...

Hi Hunny!
I am loving your trip photos, sounds like you had a smashing time. I could do with a bit of culture in my life, just not got the time LOL Your photos make me feel like i've been there with you, thanks for sharing ;O)

Love to you all

Teresa xxxxxxxx