Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Simply Green

Thought I'd just update my blog before work. It's been so hectic there and to make things worse, Kerri is off for a week. I'm not moaning about her being on holiday because, I hope she's having a brilliant time with Mr Colin, it's just that it's not the same with out her and I'm missing her company.

So what's been occurring? Well, on Sunday evening 10 of us went for a meal at the Ponda Rosa in Ryde. Andrew & I, Gemma & Matt, Lisa & Liam, Elena & Sam & Mum & Dad. We had a great time and as usual Dad came up with some jokes for us ... Did you know the Americans are trying to sell the Flintstone movies to the middle East. Saudi Arabia said they don't want them but Abu Dhabi do ROFL ... what is he like *grin*.

Monday & Tuesday was just work all day and Elena had a jab for Cervical Cancer. She was very brave bless her. It did amaze me how many of her friends opted out because 'they don't like needles'???!!! So they like cancer then ???!!! OMG some people you just want to slap don't you.

This morning I've been to pick up a mystery packet from the post office. It turned out to be these :D Been to see Mr T and treated myself to a lovely top & necklace (all paid for with coupons of course lol). I am attracted to these colours at the moment, don't know why? Bought some wine for Judith at drama. She has been so brilliant with Elena, always making sure she's OK and going out of her way for her. Elena's got another performance of 'Alice' this weekend so I thought it would be a good time to say thank you.

Andrew's been busy still in the bathroom and has completely tiled half the bathroom now. He's got Friday & Monday off to take the shower out. I'm not looking forward to it because I love having a shower every morning. I'm not complaining though because I know it has to be done & the bathroom will look great when it's finished. Andrew did offer to 'hose me down' outside instead but I declined. Not so keen on cold water. Not so keen on anything cold to be honest lol.

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Kerrie said...

Well done Elena for having the jab those other girls need to look at the bigger picture.
I am glad you are missing me, I miss you to. Please feel free to moan about me not being there. you know I