Monday, September 28, 2009

Bathroom Tiles

Still not been doing much really apart from working, eating & sleeping.

Liam went to Uni on Saturday & we're missing him loads. The house is so quiet now there's only me, Andrew & Elena at home. Before he left we managed to watch the brand new first episode of House season 6. Liam rigged it up so we could watch it on TV through his laptop & Xbox. He's clever like that. It was a 2 hour long episode & was absolutely brilliant. I loved every minute of it :O) Andrew tiled the bathroom floor on Sunday and I think it looks gorgeous. He's got to grout it yet.I wasn't so keen on the new place for the toilet but Andrew said the view out of the window would be better lol. When the washing machine man called the other day I asked him if there was anything I could do to stop the machine from smelling. Years ago I was told the reason washing machines smell is because of the build up of soap & conditioner in the pipes. These days everything is washed at 40 degrees & it's not hot enough to get rid of it. I was advised to wash the towels on a really hot wash with no fabric conditioner and this would eliminate the build up & smell. This obviously hadn't been enough so he told me to get this from Morrisons, pour it in the drum & put the washing machine on a really hot wash. It's brilliant & now, not only is my washing machine quiet, it doesn't smell either :O)

There is an abundance of spider webs in our garden to the extent that a trip down the path to the shed is like an episode of Indiana Jones. The other morning they had woven a web right across the archway & lay in wait for me. I got a face full lol. According to Sky News there is an icrease of spiders this autumn due to ideal conditions. Good job they don't bother me.

Tesco Points:
Sept to Nov total today is 8600 ~ £86.00 x 4 = £344.00 holiday money
Jun to Aug total is 17100 ~ £171.00 x 4 = £684.00 holiday money

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