Monday, February 22, 2010

Chill Out Tuesday

After a busy 2 days we thought it was time to chill out in the sun. We went to the Aqua park adjoining the hotel for a couple of hours & decided to go on some of the slides. One of them was about 12' wide and didn't look too steep, so we dragged one of the 7' round rafts to the top of the stairs and all three of us sat in it. Well, what can I say, the weight of 3 people makes a raft go down a water slide like a shot out of a gun lol. I don't mind the speed but when you go round the corner at 90 degree's the air turns a bit blue ROFL :O) We did it twice!

We relaxed in the afternoon reading books outside our bungalow while Elena swam in the pool.

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