Saturday, February 20, 2010

Luxor, the Ancient City of Thebes

Our day started at 4am when the mini bus took us across the Red Sea Desert where we saw the sunrise.At the half way point we had a drink & a toilet stop & then carried on to Luxor. We spent a couple of hours at Karnak Temple where George, our Egyptologist, told us about the hieroglyphs & wall paintings. He bought everything to life and made the trip so interesting. George asked us lots of questions too which I was amazed to find I knew the answer to many of them. I'm not losing my marbles after all lol. We learnt a lot about Amun Ra, the God of all Gods, who is depicted by two feathers on his head. Akernaten, who decided to worship the Sun God & his son Tutankhamen who returned Egypt to their ancient beliefs when he became Pharaoh. George read some of the hieroglyphs & explained about Cartouches. After looking around Karnak we were taken to a Papyrus shop where a man showed us the ancient art of making papyrus. From there we visited Luxor museum. It was brilliant to see the treasures & statues that they found in and around the tombs. We weren't able to take any photos unfortunately. After lunch we had a Siesta & then sat on the banks of the Nile and watched the sunset. In the evening we returned to Karnak Temple to watch the sound & light show. (Andrew loved it because it was featured in the Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me.) The walls & columns were lit up, bits at a time & an English commentary explained who built the temple & why. We were led through the temple to the sacred lake where we were given a brief history of ancient Thebes. I think that's the first time I've seen the sunrise & set in the same day :O)

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