Monday, March 22, 2010

Brilliant Birthday Bash

Well what an amazing birthday weekend. When we arrived at Lisa's I had a surprise waiting. Lisa gave me a birthday card and inside was a clue to a treasure hunt lol. Each clue had a pound coin attached to it. What a brilliant present, thank you Lisa.

Afterwards, we all piled into the bus (Me, Andrew, Lisa, Liam, Sam, Elena & Lugo) and went into Kingston for an all you can eat Chinese. We love it there, the food is so nice & they even have my favourite, crispy duck & pancakes! When we had had our fill, we checked into the Travel Lodge. Now I know you should always dodge Travel Lodge (I've been in a couple of skanky ones) but this one was surprisingly nice. It had everything we needed and was very clean. What more could you ask for and at £19 a night for the 3 of us, I thought it was excellent value for money.

A couple of weeks ago, Andrew & I decided we would use the rest of the clubcard points to buy some Merlin Passes. So, after topping up the Oyster Cards, we travelled into Central London to get the Merlin Passes made up. It was a relatively easy thing to do and didn't take long at all which was a good thing because we had to get ourselves over to Covent Garden by 7:30pm to watch the Lion King. We'd bought some Grand Circle tickets, so watched the show from up in the Gods. I love being up at the top of the theatre even though it takes some getting used to. It makes you feel like you're going to fall off the edge of the balacony, but when the show starts you forget all about it. There was so much to see! The costumes were fantastic & so was the music :O) Timone & Pumba were really funny and the lady that played Rafiki was brilliant. When we came out of the theatre we could hear bells ringing. We were met by a sea of Ricshaws with their owners ringing bicycle bells to get our attention. I just love the randomness of London. What a brilliant birthday!!!

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