Sunday, May 02, 2010

Here Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Spending time with Elena (taken when we had lunch at the Folly in Cowes)The flowers in the garden Pink grapefruit (covered in sugar and cut up into segments) Going on walks with Andrew, Gemma, Lisa, Liam & Elena And of course Farmville :O) Well I have to do something that doesn't cost money. It won't save up for holidays by itself !!!

I asked Elena to name her 5 favourite things and she said music, urrrm music (long pause) music, oh PE & Music!

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Kerrie said...

I have never spent much time with Elena but I am sure it's wonderful, as for the Grapefruit EGGHHH! I love the flowers and you and the new camera are working ni harmony.
Here are my favourite things ( in case you didn't know ), Ballroom Dancing, David Bowie and sex but not necessarily in that order. Oh and you make the list too, is that O.k?