Monday, June 21, 2010

Andrew's Gone Potty

Yesterday was Fathers Day. The girls all bought Andrew cards & garden gift vouchers. Look at this card from Lisa & Liam, it summed Andrew up perfectly :O) At lunch time the 2 of us walked down to the squirrel hide but, even though we were as quiet as mice & took peanuts with us, no squirrels were about. It was a bit disappointing, as the last time, there was an abundance of wildlife. We left the peanuts on the ledge and walked down the dirt track in the direction of Borthwood. I think my favourite habitat has to be woodland. I love the way the wind blows through the trees and make them sound like water rushing over rocks. I love the way the sun shines through the leaves making them almost luminous. I love watching all the different coloured butterflies flitting from one wild flower to the other & the way the ferns poke out from gnarled trees and mud banks. I asked Andrew if he would build me house down there but he said no, it was too far away from the sea??!!! As we walked along I could hear a squirrel (it makes a kissing noise lol). We looked up we could see it in the trees jumping from branch to branch. Every few seconds it would stop and look down at us making sure we were still watching him. Then he would do his Tarzan act again and jump onto another tree. They are so funny. We walked back to the squirrel hide to see if he would come down and sit on the ledge but when we got back there were no peanuts left so he never came to see us. We'll try again next weekend.

Later on in the afternoon, Andrew disappeared into his shed and came out with 'Bill' or is it 'Ben'? He made it out of spare plant pots lol, I swear he's gone potty.

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