Sunday, June 06, 2010

Who, What, When?

Well, what's been going on? I've been working all weekend which would usually be a pain, but it allowed me to spend some time with Elena during the school holidays last week, which was lovely. She is such good company and so thoughtful & kind. I've been so lucky with my girlies, they are all gorgeous & I love them dearly.

Gemma's off to Paris in 2 weeks time with work, to visit 'The Mouse'. Then a tour around Paris before coming home. I hope she has a fantastic time, wish I was going with her.

Last night we watched Dr Who. I've never been a fan of Doctor Who until the new guy, Matt Smith appeared, and now I'm hooked.
Last nights episode was a trip back in time to see Van Gogh. They showed the Musee D'Orsey which is one art gallery I can't wait to visit. I remember years ago, Gemma came home from Middle school one day & told me they were learning about the impressionists. I thought she was on about Mike Yarwood! That's how little I knew. Now I adore them, especially Monet. One of his paintings hangs above our front room fire place & I never get tired of looking at it. I say one of his paintings like I have money to burn lol. I mean a print of one of his paintings lol. I digress, Doctor Who was brilliant, watch it!

Lisa's time at Uni is coming to an end. (Where the hell has 3 years gone?) She has to be out of her halls at 10am on 12th June, so on Wednesday, Andrew & I are travelling to Roho (Roehampton) for the very last time to pick up all her stuff and bring it home. I write 10am because the other day I was laughing as she told me what time she had to be out ... "10am Mum!!! AND we have a bop the night before & won't get to bed until 3am!!!" Bless her.

Elena's new outfit from Southampton :O) Andrew busy in the garden, giving the Ivy a haircut! (Which reminds me, I NEED a haircut!)

Did I tell you my lovely new (18 month old) Fridge/Freezer is caput? Apparently it's been leaking refrigeration gas hence the smell. Good job it isn't poisonous!! I still haven't got a replacement for it. Fingers crossed something will happen this week :O) Watch this space!!!

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