Sunday, October 10, 2010

Can't Resist a Bargain

Elena & I went to Newport yesterday to buy new school shoes. We stopped in at the 'Orange' phone shop to see if my PAYG phone would work in Florida. Apparently not, but luckily Elena's will. It's all to do with bandwidth??!! Too technical for me but I must have been nodding my head in the right places as the guy giving me the information seemed suitably pleased that I knew what he was talking about!

On the way back home we were listening (as always) to the best radio station in the world ... Wave 105 ... when an advert grabbed our attention. IKEA were offering 10% off all sofas this weekend!! We couldn't wait to get home and tell Andrew of the potential money saving bargain and although he was in the middle of wallpapering the conservatory part of the dining room ceiling, he downed tools. We caught the 3:30pm boat across to Southampton and an hour later we were parked up in the IKEA car park. We ordered 2 sofa's, one with the arm pointing to the left, the other to the right & 2 halfmoon foot stools. We bought a new dining room table in light oak to match the Billy Bookcase we bought a few weeks ago. We missed the 6pm boat by a few minutes, so had to wait for the 7pm one. The downside to living on the Isle of Wight!

Today was the last Sunday I will ever have to work =) It was very uneventful. Got home just after 5 to find that Andrew had spent all day decorating. The whole dining room is now fully wallpapered & the ceilings painted white. He bought home some duck egg blue paint on Friday. I'm no design guru so just hope everything will go together. Otherwise it's going to cost a fortune to get Michael from Extreme Makeover, to come and sort it all out lol.

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