Friday, November 05, 2010

Hollywood Studios

Thursday 28th October

Went to Hollywood Studios today because we wanted to see Fantasmic. At the moment it's only being shown twice a week so the place was packed with people all wanting to do the same thing. First up was Rock & Roller Coaster followed by the Tower of Terror!!! Eek! Guess what I was doing? Taking these of course :O)
Next up was the Beauty & the Beast Show. I love Beauty & The Beast.
I remember watching it in Disneyland Paris years ago when Gemma & Lisa were little.
We just made it over to Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular in time to get some of the last seats.
Then it was time for lunch. Another ADR booked at the 50's Prime Time Cafe.
Disney says, Be welcomed into Mom's family and feel at home in her kitchenette. But Mom expects you to mind your manners, so don't be surprised if she tells you to keep your elbows off the table. It's all part of the old-fashioned fun and gentle ribbing that's served up along with the food. It was great fun & yes, Andrew did get told off for having his elbows on the table ROFL.
The sweet menu was this ...
but how on earth are you supposed to eat a Turkey sandwich with this much turkey in it?????
Leaving the air con inside the cafe we headed out into the baking sun just in time to catch the Block Party Bash Parade.
I think Elena's suffering with the heat a bit today so we bought her a water fan. Looks like a water spray bottle that you use in the garden with a fan attached. It sprays a cold water mist over you so she found it helped a lot.
Gemma was just happy to try on more silly hats :O)
I love Disney, everywhere you look there's some quirky bush or statue that catches your eye.
We walked around to the 'Journey Into Prince Caspian's Narnia' and out the other side (not very impressed) and looked at some film props including the organ from Pirates of the Caribbean.
We did the Backlot Tour
and then the best ride ever ... Toy Story Mania.
By then it was time for Fantasmic.
It was so busy trying to get out we spent an hour looking round the shops until the crowds died down a bit.
Weather ... another 32 degree high today. You can keep the British weather, I want to move somewhere that's hot.

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