Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Christmas Past

Well another Christmas has come & gone. We've all had a lovely break although I did have to work 3 days between Christmas & the New Year. Hard life isn't it :O)

The Christmas festivities started off on Christmas Eve with the usual debate of what time we were getting up on Christmas morning. I've done my stint of being woken up at 5am so I decided we would get up no earlier than 9am. It is a holiday after all. Elena wasn't very happy but still she put out a plate of goodies for Santa & Rudolf lol. It is tradition. We went to bed and by 8am on Christmas morning Andrew & I were wide awake. I crept up to Elena's bedroom and woke her up. At last, after all these years I got my own back ;O) She found it highly amusing.

Gemma arrived and we all sat in the front room and opened our presents. I was spoilt rotten with chocolates, perfume, gift vouchers, slippers and a scanner/printer from Andrew that works remotely. I had a beautiful necklace from Gemma, Toy Story Mania for the Wii from Lisa & Liam & a Mirror of Erised photo frame from Elena. It was so lovely to print off a decent photo to go inside it :O) As well as all that Andrew treated me to quite a few Musical DVD's. Les Miserables, Moulin Rouge, Chicago & Phantom of the Opera.

Liam had spent the night with his Mum so came back after lunch. We opened our stockings and had a laugh with Andrew & Lisa when they exchanged their 'sprout' presents. Lisa had made a sprout from Fimo and decorated it with a hat & some holly leaves. She'd even written on it 'Happy Sproutmas' lol. Andrew & trawled the internet & found a bar of chocolate for her with a wrapper covered in sprouts that you could personalise.

Andrew made us all a delicious buffet tea and that was that.

Andrew & I stayed in on New Year's Eve and had a marathon Musical DVD night. The rest went out with their friends. Gemma & Elena went to a fancy dress party in their PJ's, Gemma took a top hat & umbrella & Elena had her dressing gown & teddy bear. They went as the children from Peter Pan.

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