Sunday, June 12, 2011

#1of 7

I've been neglecting my camera for a while now. It may be down to my job and all the new things I've had to learn or just because of laziness. What ever the reason, I've decided to rectify the situation.

I've joined an online forum for Lumix FZ28 users and with their help, I've been reading up on DSLR camera techniques. A few days ago I experienced a Eureka moment when I found out how to blur the background of a photo. It has inspired me to carry on.

One of the things they suggest to improve your photography is to at least one photo every day. Some do 365 day challenges but because I know what I'm like, I have started small. I've decided to try an take at least one photo everyday for a week.

Today had the potential for being such an amazing day, but you know what happens to 'best laid plans' and all that. Instead of spending the afternoon on Gemma & Matt's boat listening to the Script & Plan B at the IOW Festival this afternoon we are all stuck indoors while it blows a 'hooley' outside. Coupled with that & being up all last night with a bad head/shoulder which made me sick, photo opportunities are a bit scarce today.

#1 of 7 Now you can see what I see :O)

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