Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sweet Chestnuts

Yesterday Andrew& I went to Ventnor Botanic Gardens and walked down to Steephill Cove then along the sea front to Ventnor. We thought it would be a nice easy walk but OMG it wasn't. We were up & down like a yoyo! 

Didn't take that many photos because some plonker didn't fetch a spare battery!

We sat outside the cafe at Steephill Cove eating mushroom soup & crusty bread. It was lovely & warm & the view out to sea was as stunning as ever. Two mugs of tea later we walked back up into the Botanical Gardens & wandered around the plants & paths. On the way home we stopped off at the Garlic Farm to get some freshly picked corn & the cob.

Today we went for a walk into Borthwood Copse. We took a bag & some thick gloves in the hope of finding some sweet chestnuts.
Not mushroom here
Andrew playing with his nuts chestnuts
Prickly little blighter's
Borthwood Copse
These should last us a few days :)
I'm sure this is the path we went down
The tree with the face
This little butterfly was sunbathing in the garden while we had lunch

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