Sunday, August 31, 2008

Melman & Monkey

I'm going to be a Melman today (our word for hypochondriac) and moan about my back lol. It's killing me, I can't sleep, sit, stand, walk, it's driving me mad and is so painful. I did something whilst we stayed with Teresa and it's just got worse from there. Right that's it, I'm not moaning anymore (out loud anyway).

I work on Sunday's and this morning I left my lunch on the kitchen side. I wasn't meant to, it was just me being a numpty. Andrew phoned and said he would bring it down to me (isn't he great). I'm so glad he did as I was tearing my hair out with the printer. The paper has been jamming for more than a week now & will only print 1 decent copy in 10. I asked him if he knew anyone who could look at it and hopefully sort it out. He asked if I had cleaned the drum? Ermmm cleaned the drum? Yep there's a little blue sliddy thing that you whip across the toner drum a few times and it cleans it for you. It was that simple!! The flippin thing's fine now. I'm not joking, the amount of people who have looked at it, including the bosses son who is a whizz with computers and downloaded the printer manual to read, and none of them mentioned it. ROFL.

Elena's arm is getting much better. 2 days of antibiotics and cream has worked wonders :O) It should be fine for school on Thursday. Just got to get her to drink some Actimel once it's healed up so that all the good bacteria will be topped up :O) Managed to snap these of Monkey the hamster whilst he was asleep yesterday ~ isn't he the cutest little guy you ever saw!! I am a bit concerned at the length of his teeth though so may end up taking him to the vet. We give him lots of things to chew on but he never touches them?

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