Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Autoglass & Rain Don't Mix

So, I'm sat in the hairdressers this morning having my hair permed, and my phone goes. Kerry(who was working the early shift) told me that Nicky wasn't coming in to work today because she's ill. So there's no one to cover between 12 midday & the start of my shift at 5pm. Pants! So a couple of phone calls & texts later with the smell of perm lotion hanging over me, I sort it out.

Caroline, the hair dresser, brings me a cup of tea & a fancy biscuit and I sit listening to the radio.
Caroline says: Do you want a magazine?
Me: No thanks (can't see a damn thing without my glasses lol.)
Then the phone goes again!
Autoglass man: Hello, I'm sat outside your house & there seems to be no one there.
Me: That's because the appointment was scheduled between 12 & 3pm.
Autoglass man: Oh right, it's raining anyway so unless you have some sort of cover I can't fit your new windscreen.
Me: (Feeling very sarchastic as I've waited a week and the crack in the windscreen has gone from something the size of an egg cup to a crack over a foot long) I've got an umbrella, will that do :O)
Autoglass man: Not really, I think we should try another day.
Me: (Screeming inside) OK.

The more I thought about it the more angry I felt. The bloke turns up an hour early and decides he can't do it because it's raining. The weather has been so awful for weeks now, if a bit of liquid sunshine is going to put him off I'm not sure he should be working for a company who fits windscreens! I get home (11:59am) phone autoglass and within 15 mins the bloke is back fitting my windscreen. What you have to do to get something done!

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Gerald said...

I was driving down a winding country lane about 3 months ago and I was doing about 60mph when a stone flicked up and made a massive crack on the passenger side of the cars windscreen.

As soon as I returned home I got on the phone to a friend who pointed me in the direction of Autoglass who were very helpful, gave a fast service and above all quoted me a very nice price. So if anyone has this unfortunate situation I recommend them.