Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jamaica ~ Cool Runnings !!!

I'm much happier today :O) Tired but happy. It was my last Saturday working yesterday so next weekend I only have to work on Sunday ~ yay!

So I was sat at my desk this morning doing some paperwork when my mobile phone rang. I answered it and it was Nik (Teresa's partner) saying we are just having our breakfast in Ikea. How mean was that lol. I was sat at work with a cup of tea & a go ahead bar & they were in Ikea eating a full English breakfast!! So not fair :O) Had a little talk with Elena and good news, her arm is getting better. About 2 weeks before she went to stay with Teresa she had a sore on her elbow which wouldn't heal up. As we were visiting the doctors anyway, we asked him about it and because it wasn't infected there was nothing he could do. Unfortunately it's got worse & worse so Teresa had the idea of bathing it salt water. Today, as if by magic, it's healing up nicely. We did tell Elena we could visit the Body Shop & ask for a new arm & Teresa said she would take her to the armoury if the Body Shop didn't have any lol. So if we have any ailments in future we are going to phone nurse Teresa for a cure :O)

The Olympic Games are finally over, I think team GB did a cracking job. We have 2012 to look forward to now and I am hoping we will get the chance to see some of it live, it would be bad manners not to wouldn't it :O) My favourite event this year has to be the mens 4 x 100m relay, OMG the Jamaican team were outstanding, just fantastic, loved every minute :O)

I missed the closing ceremony as I was working but I'm sure it will be repeated later.

Liam gave me this puzzle today ...

What's the Saying?

Manchester City 4 - 1 Blackburn Rovers
Charlton Athletic 4 - 1 Wimbledon
Arsenal 4 - 1 Queens Park Rangers
Liverpool 4 - 1 Bolton Wanderers
Manchester United 4 - 4 Nottingham Forest

Any ideas lol?

Andrew's been busy painting Elena's bedroom this weekend ready for her welcome home party on Wednesday. We are catching the 12:30 lunchtime ferry and meeting Nik at the Cherwill Valley Services near Oxford at about 3:30pm. I've booked the ferry for 7pm to come home so it will be 8pm before we get back. I've downloaded a coupon from the internet to get 50% off a meal at Pizza Hut so will take her there for tea. I think we will be too shattered to cook. Ican't wait to give her a big hug, I've missed her loads even though we spend ages chatting every night.
Any ideas yet about the answer to the puzzle?

OK I'm going now to upload some photos to the Tesco website so I can have them printed. I've been meaning to do it for ages, well May in fact because they are from our holiday in Jamaica.

To put you out of your misery about the puzzle, the answer is ...

All for one and one for all ~ good isn't it :O)

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