Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stargate Atlantis

Every evening since returning from Teresa's I've rung Elena. Every evening we've spoken for nearly an hour, goodness knows about what, just chit chat really. Telling her what we've been doing, she's told us what she's been doing, what we've eaten, who we've seen etc. It sounds as if she's having a great time and I know she loves Teresa like a second Mum, who wouldn't, she's the most loving, kind hearted, thoughtful person you are ever likely to meet. BUT I think she's missing us like mad. I suppose I would be a bit worried if she wasn't wouldn't I :O)

Andrew's turn to be excited as the new series of Stargate Atlantis starts again tonight. He loves it and is glued to the TV when it's on. A bomb could go off & he wouldn't move from in front of the box lol.

Phoned Virgin holidays today and asked them to price up 2 weeks in the Maldives. Spoke to a lovely young man who was very helpful but nearly fainted when he told me the price ... £7135.35!! I have £5000 in Tesco clubcard vouchers but if we spend another £2000 on that holiday I can't afford to stay with Chris in Florida at the end of the October. So, we're back to the drawing board!! The lovely Virgin man suggested Mauritius but I think I'd prefer to go back to the Caribbean. Andrew's in agreement too. So I'm hoping by the end of this week we will have made a decision :O)

Received a postcard from Elena this morning. How thoughtful is that :O)

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