Friday, August 08, 2008

Things You're Supposed To Know ...

When you work at a Holiday Park :O)

It always amazes me what questions we get asked in reception at work lol.

How much will a taxi cost to Sandown?
What will the weather be like at the weekend?
What time does the petrol station open in the morning?
Where's the best place to eat?
What can we do today?
What time do the trains run from London?
What postcode do we put into our SatNav if we want to get to Ryde?
Will our car be safe if we park it in the car park?

Good training for a job at the Tourist Information office!!

Lauren, my colleague at work came in to the office from reception the other day looking really annoyed and announced ~ "Anybody would think we worked at a flippin Holiday Park!!" ROFL. Of course we were all in stitches laughing at her.

Last night we went to the cinema again, this time to watch the Mummy. It was OK as far as films go, Andrew loved it and so did all the lads, Liam, Sam, skateboard Steve, Jake etc. but Elena and I still thought Mamma Mia was much better :O) The film would have been better if Rachel Weiss had continued playing Mrs O'Connoll & if Michelle Yeoh had shown us some of her amazing Kung Fu.

Next week sees the start of a new series of "Who Do You Think You Are" which I will be glued to and if anyone knows when Series 5 of House starts please let me know :O) House is my favourite series since 'Friends' & I can't wait to watch the new series.

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SuzyB said...

Hi Vanda! I think House will be back in September if Ive read a reliable website, cant wait for it! Cried buckets at the season 4 finale, how sad was that???