Saturday, August 16, 2008

We're Back!

Well 2 of us are. Elena's stayed with Teresa & the gang. It's the first time she's ever stayed with anyone else. She's been to camp & France with school before but that's it. She was a bit upset yesterday when we left but we phoned her when we got home & she was OK.

It was great to see Teresa I didn't realise how much I'd missed her. We had a great time and were made really welcome as usual. Max was as gorgeous and funny as ever.

Wednesday morning we had breakfast in Ikea. I've Never been before, the breakfast was brilliant and so cheap. They had zimmer frames to carry all the trays lol. I Couldn't stop laughing at Nik wheeling the trays of bacon & eggs to the checkout. I think we were in a daft mood as we found everything funny, even the lampshades. Does anyone have any idea who these two are in Ikea? After Ikea we we went to the sports shop & bought Andrew a very late birthday present ~ flippers. Managed to get Elena some trainers for school. Max found a bike he liked and loved the shopping baskets. We went to have a look around Dobies the garden centre where Andrew found a new tea cup & saucer lol. Thursday we visited Cadbury World in Birmingham. Not sure what we expected but it wasn't anything like you imagine. It was lovely to spend some time together so I'm not moaning. I'm glad we went but I wouldn't go again. While we waited for our time slot to go into Cadbury World Andrew & I walked around Bournville. It was so quaint and picturesque we loved it. We even found a shop for you Chris :O)


SuzyB said...

I want one of those cups and saucers!

I felt the same when I went to Cadburys world a few years ago. It wasnt what I expected, although Im not sure what I thought it would be like. I was thinking of taking the kids week after next in case I was wrong about it, but dont think I'll bother now lol

SuzyB said...
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