Monday, August 11, 2008

We're All Ready

Right we're all packed. No doubt we'll forget something but it's not like we're going abroad so it won't matter too much if we do. The bus is full of diesel, my purse has a bit of money in it and there's enough food to last a week if we get lost lol.

Last night we walked down onto the beach in Sandown to watch the Regatta fireworks. We put our coats on & braved the weather. It was well worth watching and we had fun walking home in the dark. Luckily the light on Jake's phone is quite bright so we could find our way back along the cliff path. Goodness knows what he's going to tell his Mum about his holiday because all we've done, for the majority of it, is fool about :O)

Lisa & Liam have been left a list of things to do from feeding the fish to taping the new Stargate episode, Continuum, for Andrew. We went to Tesco this morning & made sure they've got all the ingredients for the meals they are cooking themselves this week.

We'll be back on Friday :O)

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