Monday, September 15, 2008

Bring Me Sunshine

We have had such a rubbish summer weather wise that it amazes everyone when the clouds disappear & the sun comes out. Today we have had sunshine for 3 days in a row ~ OMG!! 3 consecutive days. Some of the flowers have stood up to the wind & rain like this beautiful Dahlia but there is evidence of the damage the rain & windhas caused, around the garden. Nothing on Floridian Hurricane damage of course but damage none the less. The mud splattered up the plant pots & petals all over the floor. And the rope that tied up the now dishevelled & broken gazebo. But the sun is shinning :O) Casting shadows over the freshly cut lawn :O) And it's warm ~ just like it should be.Lisa asked me to post some photos of her room when she had moved out. She tidied it all up before she left so here it is, in all its glory. Much different to how it looked a week ago but in her defence she was trying to get both her & Liam organised for Uni. The best thing about her being in her own house is that she has her own phone, not a mobile that eats your money but a proper landline. We've talked for ages tonight about what she's been up to & what her plans are for tomorrow. The best thing of all she's coming home with Liam for the weekend. Just brilliant!!

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