Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bit of Everything ~ not for the faint hearted!!

OMG I am SO excited, I can hardly contain myself lol.

It's a very important day today on the Vanda calendar.

Wilson, Thirteen, Chase, Kutner, House, Foreman, Cuddy, Cameron, Taub.

Season 5 of House is being aired tonight over in America so we will be able to watch it via the tinternet sometime tomorrow ~ woo whooo!! I just can't wait :O)

I have a bit of a confession too. I went on the Internet on Sunday night to find a birthday pressie for my friend Kerri. We get on so well & have loads in common so I thought I could would push the boat out & buy her something she will love. Something she has been talking about for weeks, months even. Something I know she will get a lot of pleasure from. It arrived today in a very discreet box and when I opened it I had second thoughts. Is this the type of gift you buy your friend? Will she find it amusing or will I have crossed a line? Dare I tell you what I've bought?

Let me give you a bit of background info first. Kerri & I share the same taste in men, thoughtful, hardworking, loving but unfortunately not typical specimens. Apparently most men think about sex every few minutes but ours certainly don't lol. In fact it can go months before it even enters their heads PMSL. So Kerri & I talk about what we haven't had, all the time. Some of the conversations we have had in the past have been hilarious and very, what's the word, explicit. She is much more open with her husband about the situation than I am with Andrew, (not for the want of trying I might add) but then how can I possibly moan about a man who works hard, cooks, always comes home and looks after us all fantastically. I can't can I BUT women have needs. So with this in mind I have bought her (insert embarrassed giggle) a pink duck for the bath. Not just any pink duck, one that vibrates ROFLMAO!! OMG will she continue to be my friend after Thursday? Watch this space.

She's coming round tomorrow afternoon & then we are going with Gemma to watch The Duchess at the cinema. I'm not sure if I will like it or not but it was filmed at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire so I want to see if I can recognise any of it. We visited Chatsworth last October.

Kerri's husband is working away all week so she is all on her own. She's used to him working away but spending your birthday on your own is a bit pants so she's coming to us for tea :O) That's if she's still talking to me lol.

Changing the subject completely I am hooked at the moment on the BBC iPlayer. I'm not one of those women who sit all night watching TV (I sit infront of the computer instead lol). But I do like catching up on all the programmes I would have watched if I'd rembered they were on. This afternoon I watched the first programme in a series about the Amazon. This week I have caught up with Dawn gets a Baby, Mock the Week, Mutual Friends and after our visit to the cinema tomorrow night I will catch up with Who Do You Think You Are ~ After I've watched the new episode of House of course lol.


SuzyB said...

Im on countdown for House too!! Cant wait! As for the 'duck' you little minx you LOL x

SuzyB said...

Ive watched half of it this morning but gutted because now I have to go to work!! lol