Thursday, September 04, 2008

First Day at Highschool

Elena's back from High School with soaking wet feet, socks & shoes & watermelon all over the inside of her brand new school bag :O) The joys of motherhood! It's not really her fault, her shoes were Dolly's which are more suitable for sunshine rather than the torents of rain we are experiencing at the moment. Her watermelon was in a tuperware box inside a sandwich box so not really sure how it could have exploded all over her bag although I have my suspicions ;O) Apart from that minor upset, everything was fine & dandy and she had a great time which is all that matters.

Been to Newport to buy some rainproof shoes for Elena bless her. Now I know her feet will stay dry at school. We picked up two lovely photo albums from Boots while we there, BOGOF and used a 250pts coupon when you buy photo albums so we're both happy. She's really into photos at the moment. We sent away for some prints from her holiday and they came today so now she's got something to keep them in :O)

Had a house full tonight, the 5 of us plus Tillet, Skateboard Steve & Danny. They are off to the Isle of Wight Bestival tomorrow to watch people like Gary Newman & Amy Winehouse. Steve went this afternoon to put 5 tents up for his mates who were working. Rather them than me because now it's so cold and wet (shiver) I did suggest that they wore their wetsuits to try & stay warm & dry lol.

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