Friday, September 05, 2008

Isle of Wight Bestival

So Tillet, Steve and all their friends have gone to the IOW Bestival today ~ camping!!! Now normally that wouldn't be a problem apart from the weather. It is tipping it down, cold & windy. This is our garden this morning and the view from Elena's room in the loft. Poor things are going to be up to their knees in mud. We have the police staying with us at the caravan site who work at the Bestival. Last night one of the police officers said it was a complete disaster. They have 8 vehicles on the site & all of them were up to their axles in mud. They have had to call out a haulage company to rescue their cars/vans!!!
Steve has promissed to send me some photos when he gets back on Monday ~ watch this space:O)

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