Monday, September 08, 2008

Silence, I Kill You - ROFL

It's been very busy at work this morning, I thought it was supposed to be calming down a little bit ??? Had to stay an extra hour so by the time I got home, Elena was waiting for me. Good job it wasn't raining. She was laughing at her mistake this morning at school. She went to her music lesson as per her timetable but the teacher didn't call out her name. Still, she sat there until the bell went. A friend asked her something about technology and she commented that she hadn't had technology. But we're on 'Week B' this week said her friend ~ whoops ~ Elena was still on 'Week A' ROFL. She had missed her English lesson and had to go and apologise to her teacher.

Lisa's last day at work today until she comes back home at Christmas. Picked her up from the Spar Shop as she had loads of cardboard boxes to bring home. She's been packing tonight until Sam (Tillet) phoned to say the gang would be round to take her out. They are taking care of her while Liam is away, I love them all :O)

Andy, at work, has been on at me to watch 'Achmed the Dead Terrorist' on youtube. I thought it was hilarious so we watched some other clips by the same guy ~ Jeff Dunham Have a look at Jeff with Peanut too, it's the funniest thing ever :O) And funniest of all the Peanut Blooper ROFLMAO
I'm listening to one of my favourite singers whilst I'm typing this ~ Josh Groban ~ I visited his web site a couple of days ago and found that you can listen to his music free of charge. I first saw him on Ally McBeal (which I'm sure I've blogged about before) and just fell in love with his voice. My favourite song of his is 'To Where You Are' listen to it here.

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