Sunday, September 07, 2008

Guitar Lessons

At High School the teachers encourage out of school activities. This, in my opinion, is a great idea. Elena is so laid back I'm sure a bomb under her at times would not get her moving any faster lol so encouragment from school is very welcome. Don't get me wrong, she looks after her hamster Monkey & her 2 fish Spongebob & Gary with the upmost care. She bakes and helps around the house & she goes to drama on a Saturday morning. As some one her loves her very much I want her to mix with children her own age, to have fun like I did when I was 13. So she has enquired about trampolining at school and tonight a teacher phoned me to say she's been picked to have guitar lessons. Cool, all I have to do is pay £95 for 30 minute lessons or £65 for 20 minute lessons! After I got over the shock I duly wrote a cheque for the said amount and handed it to her. Brian May, watch this space lol.

One down One to Go

Yep, Liam has left us :O(

It hasn't sunk in yet & then, if that isn't bad enough, I've just booked the car ferry for Saturday. This week we have to help Lisa get organised for Uni. She is really looking forward to going back & being with her friends again which I'm pleased about. I'm sure they'll both have an amazing time :O)

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