Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bring Me Sunshine :O)

Went to Tesco this morning, managed to get 2100 points (or £84 towards my holiday) :O)

Got home and the weather was so beautiful we decided to go for a walk down into Sandown. Walked along the seafront and had a Mr Whippy ice-cream and as we walked back Andrew spotted this little fella sat on the fence, singing away. He was obviously enjoying the sunshine as much as we were. Got home just in time to pick Elena up from drama. Gemma came round too and had lunch with us. Elena had a bit of a practice on her guitar. Elena had another show at the Roman Villa in Brading tonight. Alan Titchmarsh was supposed to be the guest of honour but didn't turn up *tut* Teresa said she hopes his daffodils wilt ROFL.

Me & Gem have been organising our trip up north. OMG we are so excited we can't wait. Gem's made me a counter for my blog. It's counting down the days until we go.

We have to split ourselves in 2 for the week so we will spend a few days with Claire & a few days with Teresa. This is what we have planned ...
Saturday ~ travelling & a walk along the Buxworth Canal
Sunday ~ Buxton, Pavillion Gardens & maybe the museum
Monday ~ Jodrell Bank
Tuesday ~ Lyme Park & Stockport to get a pork pie from Tittertons, yummy!
Wednesday ~ travelling to Teresa's :O)
Thursday ~ Hardwick Hall
Friday ~ Ikea
Saturday ~ Creswell Crags

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