Friday, October 31, 2008

Teresa's Here We Come

Wednesday 29th October
After saying goodbye to Claire we took Matthew & Zoe to Nana Jean’s house. Calling at the post office on the way to post some potted beef to Lisa. Left Nana’s house an hour later & drove to Chesterfield to get on the M1. Unfortunately there had been an accident & the police were stopping everyone from getting on the motorway. So not knowing where to go, we fired up the Sat Nav & followed it to Teresa’s house. We saw lots of countryside & went round some very narrow winding roads & ended up at a level crossing. We were completely lost lol. Sat Nav’s don’t work up north apparently. After a few phone calls & half an hour later we found Teresa's house. After lunch we all went for a walk around Creswell Crags. It was great to be all together again. They are such a lovely family & really good company. It was freezing cold but dry so we had a lovely time chatting and strolling around the lake. Max was full of fun as usual & wanted Elena to take him everywhere. At the side of the lake, the Crags staff had set up some easels for people to have a go at drawing or painting the view. Jake & Max loved it :O)

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