Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Criogenic Centre of the North

We've decided, the reason why there are more old people living in the north of England is because they have all been criogenically frozen. Well it seems that way in Buxton. Flippin heck it was perishing today. Brass monkey weather at it's best. Least it didn't rain! Gemma wanted to walk round Pavillion Gardens. We went into town to do some shopping showing the girls the 'Crescent' & the well where 'Buxton Water' is bottled. Over at HSMSHS today's word was 'light'. There wasn't much light around today unforunately so this will have to do :O) Guess what we had for tea :O) Proper Derbyshire oatcakes, Tittertons sausages, Bury black puddings with eggs, tomatoes, garlic mushrooms, bacon & hash browns ~ yummy!! All grilled of course & not fried so a healthy northern all day breakfast. When 'up north' & all that ;O)

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