Friday, October 24, 2008

Got A Lot To Do Today

Just one more sleep until our week away! I’ve spent the last week shopping for birthday & Christmas presents & wrapping them as prettily as I can. I’ve made a food hamper for Claire which is now all finished. I’ve made a special hamper for Teresa as a thank you for letting us stay. I’ve added Lisa’s Uni phone number to my mobile so we can still talk whilst we’re away & her address is in my handbag so we can send a postcard or two. I’ve just got to find the airbeds & pump & gather all the clothes together in a suitcase & the jobs a good un.

Today's word over at HSMSHS is Apple, so not having any left on the tree (Andrew made a gorgeous apple pie & crumble with them) or one on the fruit dish (because of our holiday) I am going to have to cheat. This is what Elena would like for Christmas, an Apple iPod. Did you see what I did there lol. Oh not just any old iPod, no, she wants a green one, the only one that still isn't in stock at Argos *tut*. Took Monkey the hamster & Spongebob & Gary the fish to Kerri's house last night. Kerri is very kindly pet sitting (thank you Kerri xXx). Monkey was fine & sat in the back of the car with Elena but the fish were a bit of a problem. We had taken half their water out and decanted it into clean plastic milk bottles lol. That was the easy bit! Poor Andrew sat in the front of the car with a towel on his knee and the fish tank half full of water. It was like being part of a Top Gear challenge to get to the finish line without getting soaked ROFL. The Island roads are terrible at the best of times, goodness knows what the Council spend the money, oh yes I forgot, speed bumps, every 200 yards! Maybe they should use the extra tarmac to fill in the pot holes!! Anyway, I drove as slowly as possible to minimise any trauma. Good job Kerri's house isn't far away. The fish were fine when we got there, still swimming around as usual. Not sure about Andrew though lol ;O)

If I get chance later I'll up date my blog, if not, I bid you adieu until I am able to connect to the Internet again :O)

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Teresa said...

PMSL@ your 'apple' cheat, it was very good though ;O)

ROFLMAO@ Andrew holding the fish tank on the bumpy roads! OMG i would have loved to see that. Definately a bit of a comedy moment happening there.

Good luck with the rest of your packing, sounds like you've got it under control. Give my love to the 'Chinley Crew' on your visit and have a safe journey
Tree xxxxxxxxxxx