Thursday, October 23, 2008

Grain of Sugar

Todays HSMSHS word is Grain. The ideal photo presented itself this afternoon as I walked through the door from work. The postman had bought me another parcel! This time from my gorgeous Lisa. Usually I send her stuff to let her know how much I love & miss her. But today it was my turn ~ look. A couple of heartstrings snapped when I read the note, I told you she was gorgeous {{{grin}}}. I LOVE stuff like this, it means such a lot :O) Thank you sweetie xXx

Gemma called me from work 10 mins later to say that she has supplied us with sweets for the journey on Saturday. We always have sweets when we go on a road trip. I think Gemma sounds as excited as I am :O) She's counting down the hours now not just the days lol.

Elena's due home any minute so after we've had a drink & changed our clothes we're off to Ryde to Boots & Jak's (to buy some GHD's for Gemma's Christmas present) then on to Tesco to get some last minute shopping. After that I hope Andrew won't be too long before he's home so we can have some tea (Indian curry tonight) and we can go to bed early. Flippin heck that makes me sound old doesn't it lol. It's because last night we were supposed to be having an early night until we spotted the South Bank Shows documentary about James Bond which didn't finish until late. Then Andrew couldn't get to sleep for ages. Don't know if today's conference was playing on his mind or not? Then the alarm clock woke us up at something stupid o'clock.

We are getting really excited about this too. Hopefully we will be able to watch it when we go to Teresa's as it's being shown at the cinema on Halloween :O)

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Teresa said...

OMG! OMG! How gorgeous is Daniel Craig Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmm Yes we will deffo have to go see it while you are here, if we get chance :O) I will ask mum to have Max. Bless Lisa for sending you sweets and Gemma for getting a car full for the journey to the *shivers* icy cold, wet and windy north PMSL You such a wuss ya know!
We are having a curry tonight too!! how amazing is that? we must deffo be on the same wave length. Hope Andrews trip went well and operation: G.H.D. was a success ;Op

Love ya oodles
Tree xxxx