Saturday, October 11, 2008


Memory for today: In 2005 Andrew, Elena & I went to the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean and left Gemma & Lisa at home. I can't quite remember the reasons why now, but we had a lovely time although we missed them very much. The 2 girls were just fabulous & we came back to a lovely clean & tidy house with no complaints from the neighbours ;O)

The reason I've chosen this memory is because I've just been tidying out the drawers on the landing and have found these ... Aren't they just fantastic :O) On the morning we set off to the Dom Rep Lisa gave me an envelope and told me I mustn't open it until we got to the airport. We checked in & deposited our luggage, found somewhere to sit down & I opened the envelope. I couldn't stop laughing at what I found. She had also written a really gorgeous letter & when I read it out loud to Andrew & Elena it made me choke up (I'm such a big softie, will cry at anything especially if my gorgeous girls have anything to do with it). This is what she'd written ... Mum, Dad & Elena, I thought I would write you a letter and also make you little Lisa's so that I'm kind of still here lol :O) (hehe you can't get rid of me) there is an excited Lisa, a sad Lisa & a happy Lisa. You should all know that even though I will be having big parties going into the wee hours of the morning, I will still miss you all lots, yes even you Elena! Well I hope you all have a superlydooperly great time AND BRING ME BACK A PRESENT LOL!! Love you all lots and lots. Love you Lisa xXx

What have we been up to today? Well we did our usual morning shopping at Tesco, managed to get the bill down from £84 to £54 using MOC's & got 2200 points (£84 towards Jamaica 2010). Still got 2 shops to do to use up all the points coupons before they run out on 19/10. Picked Elena up from drama. Andrew cut the grass & me & Elena did the ironing between us. We've been looking through the Boots catalogue to see if we can find any superdooper presents for Christmas but nothings jumped out at us so far.

Andrew has been decorating again. He wasn't happy with the wall in the little bedroom. Since he painted it a few weeks ago a bumps appeared in the wall. So this afternoon he stripped the paper off *tut* got rid of the bump (he said some of the plaster had blown???) and has filled it in with good old polyfiller. He's a good un :O)

Oooo that reminds me, I had an email from Chris yesterday to say she had received her parcel. I'm really pleased she got it OK although by the sounds of it, it has been round the houses! I sent her a Britannia Bear who is very soft & cuddly with a Union Jack flag on her chest (hence the name Britannia). Now, when she needs a hug, she can cuddle Britannia because I sent her packed to the brim with love :O)

Last but not least today, the prompt over at HSMSHS is PPS (Pet Portrait Saturday). It's usually SPS (Self Portrait Saturday) so seen as I didn't have to take a photo of myself I thought I would join in lol. This is Monkey the Hamster. I think it was Lisa who named him Monkey because he has a very big bottom, like the monkey's you see in the zoo. You know the ones, their bums are bright red ROFL. Here he is, he is gorgeous and sooo friendly.


Teresa said...

I love the Lisa triplets. Did panic a bit when i read the title cos i thought you had some nappy news to tell me LOL

Love ya lots
Teresa xxxxx

Cheyne said...

Too cute.

Diana said...

Cute pet! and love the calenda girls!