Friday, October 10, 2008

Look Into My Past

Today's word over at HSMSHS is Look, you should see the photos that Anita, Andrew & SuzieB have taken, they're brill. Well this little fella is in Elena's room. She loves pigs but her favourite is Piglet :O) The sun's shinning again today which always makes me feel better.

Went to Morrisons yesterday but they had sold out of the camera's ~ typical. I decided to call the other Morrisons store in Newport when I got home, but surprise, surprise they hadn't got any either. I hate it when these shops advertise special offers but then don't have the goods available. They did it a few weeks ago with Wii games and when we went to buy Mario Kart (the one they had advertised) they hadn't any left *tut*.

Didn't do much after tea last night, just watched a film ... Pirates of the Caribbean ~ At Worlds End. I've heard rumours that they are making a 4th Pirates film starring the fabulous Johnny Depp ~ hubba, hubba :O)

Memory for today: When I was 16 I listened to Radio One and loved it (how times have changed lol). The one programme I remember more than any other was the Simon Bates show and 'Our Tune'. Everytime I hear that music I am transported back into my childhood bedroom with the flowery wallpaper & the fitted cupboards, with wooden loovered doors, that my Dad built :O)

Elena's been taking photos again whilst I was at work. I think they're fab :O)


Cheyne said...

Great looks and I love that rumor news!!!

Igotmebabe said...

Great look shots and I remember "our tune" always made me cry :)

Teresa said...

WoooHooo Jake has figured out how to post a comment for me!!

I love reading your blog Sweetie. It rocks! I have made it a part of my day and look forward to seeing your lovely photo's and our Elena is turning into a proper David Bailey too! Will deffo have to get her to take some in our garden.

Glad you liked the Gingerbread Vanda (hee hee)

Muahhhhh xxxxxx Tree xxxx

Andrew said...

Hi Vanda
It's great to have you back after a bit of blogging wilderness - I had given up hope of seeing you again in cyberspace - glad you are back!