Sunday, October 05, 2008

Samba de Amigo

Dropped Elena off at drama yesterday & Gemma came round. She came with us to Tesco and helped with the shopping. Andrew & I split the shopping between us so we could try & use the last of our points coupons & loads of MOC's. I bought a Wii game for us all as Elena was fancying the new Samba de Amigo game :O) Got my bill down to £9 with 514 points & Andrew got his down to £28 with 400 points so I didn't think we had done too bad. Got home & Andrew announced that he had 'forgotten the carrots'. So before we picked Elena up we nipped to Morrisons & spent £14!!! No money off no points ~ I nearly cried lol.

Spent the afternoon laughing our socks off at the new game. It's very girly, a bit like the dance mat but the controls become maracas ~ what next? Great fun though :O)

Gem didn't stay for tea as she was going out with her work colleagues. Kat left last week so they were celebrating her new job.

Tried phoning Lisa a few times but couldn't get hold of her so will try again tomorrow. Got a lovely text message from Liam. Can't wait till we can sit and have a conversation about the new series of House :O) Did I tell you I'm LOVING the new series lol.

Oooo just realised ~ 6 months today we'll be flying out to the Maldives :O)

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