Monday, October 06, 2008

Noah & The Computer Programme.

What a great day today, my friend Kerri is back from her holiday and it sounds as if she's had a fantastic time. I'm so pleased for her & can't wait to catch up with all the news :O) I've also had a lovely e-mail from Chris too. It sounds as if she's been having a bit of a rough time lately so I hope she can get some R&R over the next few weeks :O)

Not a very eventful day today, been to work, been to Tesco as I'm making a couple of surprises for Teresa & Claire as a thank you for having us over the half term holiday. Can't say anything yet but when they are finished I hope they like them. Called at Woolworths on the way home to see Gem as she phoned me at lunchtime to tell me today was the last 'double discount' day. Managed to pick up 3 tins of Cadbury's Roses Chocolates as I need them for Christmas presents. Got 30% off each tin so a bargain as they were in the sale anyway :O)

Andrew's been on the mainland again today visiting Poole. They need a new computer programme for work so he is visiting different places to see the programmes 'in action'. Personally I just think it's an excuse to get out the office for the day lol. I'm quite envious of him as he can choose what programme he wants etc. but me, I am stuck with something Noah invented when his first computer was installed on the ark. My CP (computer programme) at work is a DOS based one and is more than useless. The man who created it sadly died 2 years ago & his son took over the business. I don't really think his son knows how to handle his clients but I'll give him his due, he is very good at sending out the bill at the end of the year. So last back end, Paul (the owners son, a computer expert) said he would take over the job and help me sort the computer programme out.

Now I must tell you at this point, when I started at the holiday park 13 years ago, I couldn't even use a keyboard let alone a computer. So it's a bit like the blind leading the blind, literally, he's in North Wales & I'm on the Isle of Wight.

Last week I told Paul I needed a 2009 bookings programme because we have some holidays for next year that need processing. He duly copied one for me but when I came to use it, it wouldn't let me input any 2009 dates. After 3 days of trying to find out how to change them we can now put the 2009 dates on it. The next set of problems ... I can only take bookings up to 23 Sept 2009. The dates run from Wednesday to Wednesday so the prices for the holidays are wrong & I have all last years bookings in amongst the new bookings so the banking figures are all wrong too. Joy to the world.

Had a phone call from Lisa tonight too. Both her Liam are doing OK. They may be coming home this weekend but if not definitely next weekend. Liam is going to Lisa's after his last lecture tomorrow & then their both going up to London to watch an American play. I can't remember what it's called but it's part of Lisa's coursework.

There was a tiny bit of sunshine tonight so me & Elena were messing about with 2 pairs of 3D glasses & the camera. Don't worry, Andrew's rung the lunatic asylum & the men in white coats are calling round for us later ROFL. Anyway, here are the photos :O)

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