Monday, October 27, 2008

Sky Plus

Today we went shopping to find Claire a new sky disk for the house. It couldn't be one of those little piggly ones that come free with a sky box because that just wouldn't do the job. You saw the size of the house yesterday! Finally we spotted this one and just had to investigate :O) Gem stood in front of it for us so we could judge the scale lol If you hadn't worked it out lol, we've been to Jodrell Bank. There's a lot less of it for the visitor than there used to be, no planetarium, no interactive science area. bit of a shame really. We did have some fun though walking around the grounds reading all the information boards. We found a model of the sun and tried to find the rest of the solar system. Mercury ... Venus ... Earth ... Mars ... Jupiter (for those who don't know, we're trying to emulate Fieman Sam's fire engine ~ Jupiter) ... Saturn (Cos we're 'sat-un' us bums) ... Uranus (lol, self explanatory lol)...Neptune ... Pluto ... (to follow)
Today's word at HSMSHS was 'Glossy' so here's Matthew's Glossy glasses :O) One of the objects out side were 2 small dishes facing each other & quite a distance away. If you talked normally into the middle of one the people standing in front of the other could hear you perfectly.Last but not least, Gemma & Elena messing about :O)

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Rach said...

Lol what fantastic pictures. Your not far from us at Jodrell Bank I can see it from my bedroom window. If I had known I would have waved to you.