Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Christmas Card Madness

You'll never believe it. Today we received our first Christmas card. OMG it's the 4th November for heavens sake!! Should I be grateful or should the sender be pitied rather than blamed? Who do you think would do such a thing .............. Matt's Mum!!! She lives 5 minutes away :-O There is a very big possibility that this woman will end up being Gemma's mother-in-law. Should I warn Gem now? PMSL. Andrew came home from work and said WTF. She's one loopy woman lol. Thank goodness you can choose your friends :O)

Today's HSMSHS word is 'shimmer' & I have no idea what to do. Any suggestions?

Lisa's put her Halloween photos on face book, so I've pinched this one :O) Isn't she fab. God I've missed her so much, she's in for an hour long cuddle when she comes home on Friday. I liked this one too, it made me laugh :O) These are her friends who she shares her house with, Andy, Emily & Abby. I've missed Liam too, I can't wait to discuss Season 5 of House with him :O) It's a new episode tomorrow!

Andrew's bought home the Christmas dinner menu from work. We're going to the Folly in Cowes on 13th December. It's a lovely place to eat, right on the water front. We've chosen King prawn cocktail, multigrain bread & Somerset butter for starters. Andrew's having Turkey, sage & onion stuffing, pigs in blankets, cranberry sauce & gravy & I've opted for the sumptuous sounding Barbary duck breast in Morello cherry sauce. Then for pudding Andrew's chosen the profiteroles & I've gone for the decadent cherry & white chocolate torte with double cream & chocolate sauce. Right I'm off to raid the fridge cos the talk of all this food has given me the munchies ;O)

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Teresa said...

OMFG! A Christmas card already? Is the woman loopy? I haven't even bought mine yet!
I love Lisa's costume, she looks scrumptious (just like you said, she could wear a bin bag and look absolutely fab) I bet she would make a lovely soup.....just kidding ;OP
I haven't done a blog again cos i've been too busy watching season 4 (its an addiction)its really good. I've just watched episode 11 where they were treating the drugged up rocker who had measles in the end (oh, sorry that was episode 10, 11 was the girl that was climbing with her mother holding the rope and then her hands stopped working and the little girl fell. OOoo its good isn't it?
Ok we have decided to come over on the 13th Dec so we can come on the works dinner cos it sounds delicious, do they do weddings? LOL (ooh what about a Christmas one :O))
Love ya loads and miss ya tonnes
Tree xxxxx